Title: Sediment transport reduction in constructed wetlands

Authors: GÓRSKI, D.

Keywords: sediment, constructed wetlands, arable lands watershed

Abstract: In this review paper an aspect of constructed wetlands influence on retention of soil particles is presented. Most of “horizontal flow” – constructed wetlands over the world have been designed to treat municipal or domestic wastewater, but they are also successfully used to treat wastewaters from agriculture and various runoff waters. It is supposed, that constructed wetlands would be a useful, ecological tool to reduce solid transport in river flow, especially in areas close to Natura 2000.

APA style references: Górski, D. (2009). Sediment transport reduction in constructed wetlands. Scientific Review Engineering and Environmental Sciences, 18 (2), 30-37.

APA style citation in text: The first time citation in text: (Górski, 2009), next citation: (Górski, 2009)

Chicago style references: Górski, Dariusz. "Sediment transport reduction in constructed wetlands." Scientific Review Engineering and Environmental Sciences, 44 ser., vol. 18, no 2, (2009): 30-37.

Chicago style citation in text: (Górski 2009)

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